Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Starting 2011 Fresh!

So one of this year's resolutions is to blog to a slow start.  I was hoping to post once a week, which I can still do...just started late. I was actually motivated by Cassandra Cooper's blog entry, so this is why I am here today!

I have been working on transforming my workspace.  I have to share my crafting space with the guest bedroom.  With all the crafting I did last year, the room got messier and messier!  I found the only time I "cleaned" the room was when guests were coming and needed to sleep on the bed/desk. 

I was tryign to figure out what I could do, that did not cost an arm and a leg.  My parents gave me the idea to use a door and file cabinets. Here is the result:
At first, I had my doubts.  But what can you do when you have a small room that also includes a queen bed. (I am sitting onthe bed to take these pictures.)  It is actually pretty nice.  I still need to add shelving, not a fan of the wire cubes. 

So along with organizing the workspace, I wanted to organize my supplies.  And it might not look like it to the average eye (my husband), but like most other crafters, I know where everything is!!!

Organizing craft thing off the New Year List.

Other things on the list for 2011:
-learn to swim
-learn Photoshop and Illustrator
-the original...get in shape

Happy New Year!!