Friday, July 9, 2010

Getting there...

So The last few weeks I have been focused on organizing my craft room.  It has turned into a bigger project, but I am loving the outcome!

Sadly, I do not get a ENTIRE room to myself (sniff, sniff...wipe tear)! Half the room is my craft room and the other half is the guest room.  So I was overwhelmed with projects in May and June that the room got CRAZY!!! So I went on the mission to re-organize.  So here is the big reveal...
I'm not done yet, still have some final touches to complete. Boy, do I have more than ribbon than I disn't help that the last time I went home, my mom gave me all her ribbon!  So I ran out of the pegboard things, so I will hopefully get to Home Depot this weekend!  I have 2 more rolls of solid ribbon to hang (and won't mention the amount of pattern ribbons there is!  But I must say I do like the idea of the pegboard!  I stole it from my husband's garage!  It have been leaning against the wall for almost 2 years, so I snatched it!!! And worst of all...I made him hang it up ;) 

Well, I better get back to my project!  Kiddos are napping, so the time is precious!

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  1. oh i am loving the pegboard ribbon holder........ honey-do project for my hubby i think :)