Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Operation Organize Craft Room Pt. 1

My project for the last week or so has been organizing my craft area. Currently my craft area consists of the closet in the guest room and the corner of the living room. My goal is to condense the goods to one location. It has turned into a larger project than planned.  However, progress is being made!

As I am going through the organizing process, I am trying to find different things that might help out.

A few months ago, I believe I had a die that was thrown away with a pile of scraps. During one of the trips to Pinterest land, I found this idea about keeping the dies you are working with safe and in a clear space.

I found this fun frame in a clearance bin and was ready to give it a try. Time to gather the supplies!

It is time to make this magnetic frame:

This is super simple (and cheap) to create! The metal sheet comes for the shingle materials at your local hardware store. One 8x8 square is under a dollar. Make the measurements needed to fit the frame. And cut. Also, cut out a piece of patterned paper the same size. Layer the print on top of the metal and put into the frame.  Throw a few neo-magnets and you are finished. (The neo-magnets will hold your dies as you are working. Pull them off when you are ready to use them.)
Now how simple was that!  I have a few more organizing projects in the works! Looking forward to sharing with you soon!
Have a wonderful day!
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