Friday, March 6, 2015

DCWV Project Stack - Cone Wreaths plus Tip

Hello, everyone! This week the DCWV Social Media Design Team is showcasing the new DCWV Project stacks available at Joann stores! Today I am using the DIY Cone Wreaths Project Stack for my post.
Interested in seeing the other DCWV Project Stacks release, check out videos the talented Tessa did for the release!
The Cone Wreaths Project Stack includes the paper and instructions for four wreaths. Today, I focused on the Spring/Easter wreath. 
This was my first cone wreath that I have created. The instructions made it super simple to complete the wreath.  I also included Glue Dots to connect each cone to the next cone.
One lesson I learned...step back and double check the patterns as you lay them in place. Once I finished the project, I noticed I had a repeated prints next to each other in two different locations.
Bonus tip of the day:
Once I finished creating the Spring wreath, I did have leftover paper from the Spring section of the DIY Project Stack. I wanted a way to keep the extra straps together. I use larger envelopes and attach to the front or the back cover of the stack. The scraps are tucked into the envelope. This allows you to be able to tell with stack the scraps came from.
Thank you for stopping by today! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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