Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sweet Tutorial Tuesdays!

Hello, Sweet fans! It's Jessica here from Kissin' Krafts! I am excited to be part of the Sweet Stamp Shop's Tutorial Tuesdays for the next few months!

Today, I am talking WATERCOLORS! My newest addiction! I mean it! Cannot get enough!

So before we continue, let me give you a quick tip about watercolors. You need to 'prep' watercolors to get the most vivid colors possible. How do you do that you ask?
Using lukewarm water, form a pool of water on the colors that will be used on you project. Once the water starts to soak in, it is time to get to work!

Today's watercolor technique is card 'Straw Watercolor Painting'. This technique is so simple and tons of fun to do! Reminds me of fireworks! Which brings me to this SWEET card using the Cityscape stamp set...

So where to you start? Using watercolor paper, add a puddle of watercolor on the paper. Using a straw to determine airflow direction, blow air moving the paint in a variety of directions. Repeat with as many desired colors for your project.

This is a very simple technique that is great to add fun colors to any project! Have you seen any current trends or techniques that you want to learn more about? Leave a comment on this post with a suggestion and it might show up in a future Tutorial Tuesday! Cannot wait to here what you come up with!

Today's project was created with the Cityscape stamp set:

Image 1

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