Saturday, April 18, 2015

Planner Stamps - Pink & Main Stamps!

At the start of 2015, I was determined to get a planner going. In fact, I ended up buying 3 different ones. The plan is to try a variety of planners to figure out with one worked the best for me. It is still a work in progress. So when Pink & Main's released the latest planner stamps, my motivation increased!
With the release of In the Budget and Planning Work, I thought it would be best to use them on a monthly planner. So it was time to gather up supplies!
First up, I started with the monthly bills. I pay bills twice a month. So I stamped (using the new In the Budget set) the bills on the actual due dates, using one color for all the bills. Just to make sure I didn't forget to pay them.
Next, it was time to include my DT assignments for the month. I stamped any assignments that we scheduled for a specific day. For example, my Pink and Main posting day is on Saturdays.
I used page flags for posts/events that I knew were coming up, but didn't have a specific date assigned yet. Stamping this info to the flag, allows me to move the tag around without having to cross out and re-stamping over and over. (I really need a clean looking planner, not a marked up one.)
I really enjoyed the Planning Work stamp set. I love the social network icons. I struggle with updating my social networking sites at times. These icons allow me to set up certain days for certain sites.
I am hoping this planner will help me stay organize! Time will tell!
Thank you for stopping by today!

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